Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 7 - Dinkelsbühl and Füssen

We said goodbye to Rothenburg o.d.T. the next morning and headed down to Dinkelsbühl, which is another preserved medieval town similar to Rothenburg o.d.T. We probably would have appreciated it more if we hadn't spent the entire previous day in Rothenburg o.d.T., but it was still a good half-day. We bought another city guide and did a walking tour. This town still has a city wall and towers as well, and a beautiful Gothic church from the 15th century. We spent the entire morning checking it out, and after lunch we indulged in one of the best pastries we had in Germany: a pudding pretzel. This is a pretzel made out of pastry dough, and the pretzel holes are filled with vanilla pudding. DELICIOUS!

In the afternoon, we got back in the car and drove down to Füssen, which is close to the Austrian border. I remember as we were driving, we topped a hill, and suddenly... BAM! There were The Alps! It was really beautiful to see mountains, green hillsides, and charming little villages tucked away in the valleys.

Once we got to Füssen, we checked into Suzanne's Bed and Breakfast (Suzanne's an American who married a German and moved to Germany). It was a charming old farmhouse with a lovely garden. After dropping off our stuff, we walked around to see what we could see. Among our first stops was an Eiscafe where we indulged ourselves in some enormous ice cream sundaes while checking out the view of the Alps. I had a strawberry and chocolate ice cream one topped with chocolate and strawberries. Sean's was some concoction of chocolate and Nutella. Mmm. I talk about food a lot, don't I? Well, I can't help it. It was all so good! It was a hot day, so the ice cream was totally justified.

We explored the town for a bit and saw the Hohes Schloss, a castle which used to be the summer residence of the prince bishops of Augsburg. We also walked through an ancient cemetary outside of a convent that is still in operation.

For dinner, we ate at a really nice Italian restaurant with a beautiful outdoor seating area. After that, we sat on a bench by a beautiful lake for awhile before heading back to Suzanne's B&B for bedtime.

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