Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Germany, Day 1 - Traveling/Stuttgart

The day began with a few last-minute errands in Bloomington (including a Dunkin' Donuts stop for breakfast) and then the lovely Ashly came over to give us a ride to the airport in Indianapolis.

We got there plenty early for our flight, so I indulged one of my traveling traditions by reading trashy magazines (People and Cosmo) at the airport. After a quick flight to Chicago, we got on the big plane that would take us to London Heathrow. Of course, there were small children seated on the row in front of and across from us. This happens to me on every single long flight that I ever take.

Sleep on the flight proved impossible due to screaming children, the people in front of us turning their stupid reading lights off and on every 10 seconds, and people walking by to use the bathroom. The in-flight movies featured "17 Again" with Zac Efron. Gag. Thank God I had books (Pride and Prejudice, which I finally got around to reading) and my MP3 player!

In London, we discovered that we had to take a bus to another terminal, then go through security again. This left us with next to no time to make our connecting flight to Stuttgart, and we actually had to run through the airport to make it to the gate in time. We made it, though, and after an extremely bumpy flight (I almost got sick) we landed in Stuttgart... at 11 AM.

So, after having been awake almost 24 hours, we had to wait for night time to go to sleep. We walked around the area of our hotel, but there wasn't much to see. For dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant called The Flying Ship (yes, the name was in English) and had some really good pizza. The waiter was Italian and was speaking heavily accented German, which was hard enough to understand without having been awake for a really long time.

Anyway, around 8 PM we gave up the fight and went to sleep. We had set the alarm for 8 AM so that we could get up and eat breakfast and get ready for Bill and Elise, who were flying in the next morning and would come pick us up in the rental car.

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